Meet the Team

Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.



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Treatment and Marketing Coordinator

I love getting to know our patients and families. I work with patients from beginning to end, and love seeing a person’s smile transform during treatment! I present the treatment plan, and explain what’s involved and what to expect. I also take the initial records and handle initial scheduling. I’m our marketing coordinator and put together events, contests, and our Patient Rewards Hub program. I am so happy to work in a positive, smile-filled office!

I’m married and have two children and two dogs. Our family enjoys camping, baseball season, and exploring all of Oregon’s beautiful landmarks.


Kayla C.

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Orthodontic Assistant

I love talking with and getting to know our wonderful patients. It’s so much fun to hear about their day and share in their achievements at school, in sports, and in life. Seeing a patient’s smile change, and their self-esteem blossom, is the best! I assist with putting on braces and changing wires and colors, and I take impressions, too. Here, everyone is a team player and I love how we all work together to make our patients smile!

I have an awesome husband, Colby, and a small dog, Barry. During my time off, I like to exercise and spend time with Colby, family, and friends. Colby and I love seeing movies, listening to music, and watching Netflix. I love nail polish and shoes, too!


Kristi T.

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Treatment Coordinator/Office Manager

I am one of the lucky people in our office to welcome new patients into our practice family. I conduct new patient exams and help get each person set up for a lifetime of smiles! In addition, I also oversee the running of the office and make sure we all work together for the sake of our patients. We have an excellent group of people working here, so that part is never hard!

I have lived in Sherwood for the past 16 years with my two daughters. My hobbies include fitness competing, community events, and being involved with my girls’ schools.


Laurel L.

Orthodontic Assistant

I really like meeting new people and becoming friends with them during their visits. Our patients are all incredible and they’re always teaching me something new! It’s amazing to see how much each patient grows and changes as they see their smile transform. I love how they become happier and more social! I assist Dr. Wilson with patient care and order our supplies. Our practice is close-knit and we care about each patient like family!

I’ve been married for more than 25 years and have three beautiful children. My family enjoys camping and riding quads at the dunes.


Michelle M.

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Scheduling Coordinator

I enjoy meeting people, learning about their families and hobbies, and seeing patients become happier and more confident with a new smile! Our patients are excited to be starting treatment and I’m excited for them! Mine is one of the first smiles patients and parents see when they arrive for visits. I check patients in, update their records, and help with their front-office needs. This is the most positive, upbeat practice, and our patients always know how important they are to us!

My husband and I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for about 20 years. We have both kids and pets. Boating and fishing are at the top of our family’s fun times. We also love traveling and visiting with friends and family.


Michelle N.

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Orthodontic Assistant

It’s amazing to watch a person transform as they move through treatment. Each patient gains confidence as they see the change in their appearance. By the time they finish treatment, they are smiling and laughing and so much happier! I provide patient care, assist Dr. Wilson, and help with placing brackets. I’m glad to be part of a great office where we make our patients smile while helping them achieve their new smile!

My boyfriend and I have been together for ten years. Outside of work, we love to play golf, hike, and eat out with friends. We also like playing volleyball and softball. I enjoy visiting my parents, too, and binge-watching Netflix with them!


Sally D.

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New Patient and OSHA Coordinator, Patient Services

Orthodontics is such a wonderful specialty! I love being part of a team that helps people achieve beautiful smiles and getting to know our patients and families. My job is multifaceted: I schedule new patient appointments, gather the necessary records before the consultation, and walk people through the orthodontic process. I also verify insurance and present financial contracts when our financial coordinator is not available. In addition, I’m our practice OSHA coordinator, the first to answer the phones, support and back up reception, and I provide dental assistance when needed!

Beyond work, spending time with my two adult children and five grandchildren is a priority. I also help in the community and currently volunteer with my local police department in the records division. My favorite hobbies include quilting, gardening, and camping.


Sarah S.

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Orthodontic Assistant

I really like building relationships with our patients and watching each become more confident in their smile. Often patients start treatment feeling self-conscious. As they see their appearance change, they feel better about how they look and become happier. By the time we take off their braces, they’re constantly smiling and laughing and I’m so happy for them! I assist Dr. Wilson as he helps patients achieve smiles they love. Our team feels like a second family to me and our patients are part of our family, too!

I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, and moved here in 2012. I love everything the Portland area offers! Running, outdoor activities, and Blazer games are some of my favorite pastimes!

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